An audit table (also sometimes called an audit trail or log) is a record of relevant data that documents the sequence of activities affecting who, what, when, and why of a record. 

In the case of a management system like Deltek Costpoint, audit logs are used to track the date, time, and activity of each account, user, user group, employee, and payroll for custom reporting. 

Knowing who altered various data tables in Costpoint, can be valuable when creating reports, sharing financial information with auditors, storing legal or confidential employee information, protecting corporate intellectual property, or conducting other professional activities in a highly secure and organized manner.

The benefits of having a detailed audit trail for reporting include: 

Who: made the changes

What: changes were made: previous information is maintained for ACCT, Vendor, User/User Group, Employee Master, and Customers

When: date and time of change

Why: provide audit information to keep track of changes to Costpoint data

Kinetek has created a custom solution to help you track and audit your Costpoint table data to allow for secure reporting and compliance. To discover more about our audit reports we offer or to request a demo of Kinetek Audit Tables; contact us today.