The Government Contracting space is never static. Your business systems are in a constant state of change to keep up with changing government regulations and project requirements. That’s why you need a partner that understands your dynamic business.

Kinetek Solutions

Kinetek Solutions not only provides insight into organizations, but also helps them run more efficiently and remain competitive; our solutions save time and money.

  • KVIZ


    Kinetek Data Visualization Dashboards ©

    Allow anyone in the company secure access to information, by role, and deliver data analysis through a convenient dashboard display.
  • KPM


    Kinetek Performance Management ©

    Is built for organizations that manage goals and plan for the future. Allow your company to leverage existing data and forecast for future expenditures.
  • KRM


    Kinetek Rate Management ©

    Allows companies to predict forward pricing rates using baseline budgeting, actual costs, and scenario-based modeling.
  • K4Cast


    Kinetek4Cast ©

    IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) purpose-built for Government Contractors - Transform your organization's entire planning process.
  • KMPA


    Kinetek Manufacturing Performance Analysis ©

    Offers organizations the optimal solution to run your operation from order to cash.
  • KHCM


    Kinetek Human Capital Management ©

    Help companies identify top performers within the organization, gain visibility, and determine the impact on the future growth.
  • KAT


    Kinetek Audit Tables ©

    Is built for organizations to maintain tables for audit proposes. Allow your company to leverage audit tables to create custom reports.
Deltek Solutions

Guaranteeing that your Deltek system is personally designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

  • Costpoint

    Costpoint ®

    Is the most advanced accounting system and the industry-leading enterprise software solution for government contractors and other project-driven organizations.
  • Time & Expense

    Time & Expense ®

    Helps organizations automate the collection, validation, approval, and processing of labor and expense.
  • GCS Premier

    GCS Premier ®

    Is the industry standard and most proven/trusted accounting and project accounting solution for small to mid-sized contractors.
  • Costpoint Enterprise Reporting

    Costpoint Enterprise Reporting ®

    Is an integrated software solution that provides self-service, intelligent, out-of-the-box analytics.
IBM Solutions

Business Intelligence and Financial Performance Management solutions designed to enhance your organization.

  • IBM Cognos Analytics

    IBM Cognos Analytics ®

    One analytics solution for your entire organization. Confidently monitor, explore and share insights from your data.
  • IBM Planning Analytics TM1

    IBM Planning Analytics TM1 ®

    Your planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and scorecarding solution.
  • IBM  ECM

    IBM ECM ®

    Captures, activates, shares, analyzes, and governs unstructured data to lower costs and risk while improving efficiency.

    IBM SPSS ®

    Predictive analytics software allows you to make smarter decisions, solve problems, and improve outcomes.