System Reviews (Health Check)

System Reviews (Health Check)

We get an annual check-up from our doctor in an effort to prevent illness and maintain good health. Similarly for a business, performing a check-up to review your current systems could prevent harsh consequences associated with non-compliance and performance. 

Business processes evolve, companies change, and employee turnover occurs while enhancements have been made to your Costpoint functionality. Over time, people accept the “status quo” even if the processes have become less than efficient. Our Costpoint “Health Check” brings in an experienced professional to examine your database, talk to your users, and provide recommendations for maximizing your system.

Warning signs that it may be time for a systems review include:

  • Month End Close takes longer than it should
  • Organization Structure no longer supports the changes your company needs due to new business requirements, mergers & acquisitions, reorganizations, etc.
  • Account Structure no longer produces the types of detailed analysis required to ensure your decision-makers and managers are getting the critical data needed to be successful
  • You are not taking advantage of the latest features and functionality
  • Your system configuration strategies aren't allowing personnel to get their jobs done quickly

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions it may be time to have "your pulse checked" and bring in an expert to review and recommend updates to increase the performance and functionality of your Costpoint system.