August 5, 2016

You’ve Chosen Business Software, Now What? The Importance of Training

by Colin Quinn

So you’ve made the tough choice, selected your software, implementation is now underway and you are shortly due to go live. So much to organize and prepare for and often the most critical and overlooked process of incorporating end-user training is forgotten – arguably the most important piece. Unless your staff are properly trained on using your new software, you cannot expect to reap the full benefits of your investment. In addition to the having improperly trained staff there is often…

May 13, 2015

Three Important Performance Management Features You’ve Forgotten

by Colin Quinn

Today’s organizations are changing up their performance management processes and systems. Many are changing due to the increasing difficulty of executing performance management effectively. More notably, effective talent management is becoming exceedingly important, and effective performance management can play a vital role in its success or failure. Here are our top three important performance management features of an effective performance management system that are often forgotten.. The first important feature is support; support throughout all levels of organization by high level…

December 16, 2014

6 Common Accounting Challenges for Government Contractors

by Colin Quinn

Government contractors have specific accounting needs. The complex, stringent, and regularly changing requirements and regulations of Government agencies creates many accounting and financial challenges for small and mid-sized contractors. There are 6 demanding accounting challenges Government Contractors face. We will share those mistakes below: 1. Not comprehending government rules/requirements Companies that think government accounting involves a slight variation from commercial business are incorrect. Through voluminous and ever-changing requirements, provisions that many contracts carry are understood and solutions are readily available…