January 20, 2015

GovCon: Creating a SMB Brand Built for Success

by Colin Quinn

With the 2015 spending bill going into effect, majority of the federal government have filled contracts for 2015. This new year is on track to be a great year for the federal government and small businesses in the govcon space. When SMB’s owners are getting aquatinted with their first federal contracts, they tend to focus solely on their strongest skill sets and overlook the importance of establishing a strong brand. While the federal government may…

December 16, 2014

6 Common Accounting Challenges for Government Contractors

by Colin Quinn

Government contractors have specific accounting needs. The complex, stringent, and regularly changing requirements and regulations of Government agencies creates many accounting and financial challenges for small and mid-sized contractors. There are 6 demanding accounting challenges Government Contractors face. We will share those mistakes below: 1. Not comprehending government rules/requirements Companies that think government accounting involves a slight variation from commercial business are incorrect. Through voluminous and ever-changing requirements, provisions that many contracts carry are understood and solutions are readily available…